Cosmetic Dentistry

Advantages of Cosmetic Dentistry

Best Cosmetic Dentist SydneyDo you have a missing front tooth that makes it uncomfortable for you to smile? Or do you have stains on your teeth as an avid coffee drinker?

If you are unsatisfied with how your teeth look and your confidence when you smile is not at its best, then a Cosmetic Dentist Sydney is what you are looking for.

Through advancements in Dentistry, making your teeth look perfectly polished and your smile beautifully harmonious has never been this easy and reachable.

Our team of best cosmetic dentist Sydney uses the most innovative techniques coupled with modern equipment and quality materials to ensure that your expectations for your dream smile are met.

Here are some of the many ways that our Cosmetic Dentists at Sydney CBD Dentistry can help you with your smile and your general oral health through Cosmetic Dentistry procedures.

  • Corrects minor imperfections of the teeth

This is one of the main reasons why patients opt for Cosmetic Dentistry treatments. Procedures such as composite resin fillings on the front teeth to repair tooth decay or dental veneers to treat minor flaws such as oddly-shaped teeth and minor teeth gaps are some of the procedures that Cosmetic Dentistry in Sydney can help with.

  • Whitens and brightens the teeth

Teeth Whitening Sydney is all the rage nowadays too. Not only does it help with brightening the teeth to improve the smile, but it can also treat stains from coffee or tea.

You can opt for a simple take-home whitening kit or for the in-chair teeth whitening system supervised by our Sydney cosmetic dentists. The latter can drastically improve the appearance of the smile in just an hour. 

  • Creates a more harmonious smile

Dental Veneers Sydney can help with giving you a more proportional smile. Some teeth may look bigger, smaller, less radiant, and less pleasing in appearance.

To fix this, a multi-unit dental veneer can create a more harmonious set of cosmetic teeth by customising the size, shape, colour, and appearance of the teeth depending on your preference and your dentist’s recommendations.

  • Enhances the patient’s self-confidence

A better smile encourages a multitude of benefits for the patient and this includes a relative increase in self-confidence. One of the first things that another person notices about you is your smile and having one that you are most comfortable with gives off a more positive disposition.

  • Improves social activity

As with the improvement in self-esteem, social activities tend to be easier as patients need not worry about their smiles. They are more relaxed when speaking in front of a crowd or their superiors and speaking comes more naturally.

  • Promotes better oral health

Certain Cosmetic Dentistry services Sydney such as dental bridges help with better oral health as this replaces missing teeth and all the other consequences that come with it such as movement of the adjacent and opposing teeth into the spaces which can eventually cause tooth crowding or spacing.

Aside from that, treatment of tooth decay through dental crowns, dental veneers, and tooth fillings can help eliminate future oral health problems such as bad breath and more extensive decay that may necessitate root canal treatment or tooth extraction

For more information on how our best Cosmetic Dentist Sydney can help with your oral health and how we can help you achieve your dream smile, just give us a call and we’d be happy to assist you.


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