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Since the mid 1990s mouthguard has been more recognised by education and awareness of protecting their teeth from grinding or active sports. It is a thick plastic that covers your teeth for patients to wear at night for teeth grinding or during sports activity to reduce the risk of damaging their teeth.

There are three types of mouthguards available and it is best to visit your nearest dentists in Hyde Park to get a better idea of which mouthguard is suitable for you. Stock mouthguards which are ready made mouthguards that can be purchased through retail establishments such as sporting good stores or departments stores. They are the least expensive and commonly available even here around Hyde Park, however this means it has a limited range in sizes, it requires the user to keep its mouth shut in order to keep in place and protect the teeth.

Dentist Near Hyde ParkThe second type of mouthguard is the mouth formed mouthguard. This is a self adaptive mouthguard, when placed in boiled water will soften and hardens again once cooled. To use this mouthguard the user can manipulate the softened mouthguard by biting onto it and using their tongue and fingers to create pressure for a snug fit. Once cooled it will be the final fitting for the mouthguard and it is generally designed for home use.

The third type of mouthguard is custom made, these mouthguards are fabricated in dental laboratory or dental surgeries. The dentist will need to make an impression on the patient’s mouth for a custom and perfect fit. This type of mouthguard allows the patient to adapt and use it effectively. They are generally more expensive than the other two but if you have braces, playing professional sport or grinding your teeth at night.

The custom made mouthguard is generally the type of mouthguard you should be looking for. Hence visiting the dentist near Hyde Park to get a better idea of which mouthguard is best suited for your use.

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