Dental Implants Sydney

Payment Plan Available: Dental Implant + CEREC Crown package from $5,199 per tooth.

Also includes Free Consultation with Treatment Acceptance.***

Payment Plan Available

Dental implant or tooth implant is a surgical treatment that fuses the dental implant into the patient’s jaw bone. The dental implant will then be a support or anchor structure for dental crown, bridge or dentures. Choosing teeth implant is the most ideal and least invasive way of replacing a missing tooth. Unlike a dental bridge, it does not involve any tooth preparation on healthy adjacent teeth and the end result is very similar to a natural tooth.

As a stand alone dental implants Sydney, caring for your tooth implant is easier as well. Daily brushing and flossing will be able to remove food particles and bacteria that otherwise might be trapped if you have a dental bridge or denture. However the success or failure rate depends highly on the individual’s health and oral health. A visit to Sydney CBD Dentistry for a quick consultation can provide you more information on your circumstances.

We offer a competitive rate for our Basic Dental Implant* and restoration (Dental Implant Package from $5,199). We keep our dental implant price down by performing the procedure EFFICIENTLY and PRECISELY, as well as utilising state of the art dental equipment such as low radiation Cone Beam CT scan, CADCAM** generated ceramic crown, and precision milled dental implant system made in USA.

Unlike some surgeries, our quote will usually cover most of the procedure including the Cone Beam CT scan, implant surgery and implant crown. Additional gum surgery and bone augmentation/ grafting is not included as part of the quote and can be discussed during consultation and review.

5 year warranty applies to patients who have attended for regular six month gap-free check-up and clean at any of our surgery locations (for those without health funds this is capped at $199 per visit)

*Does not include bone augmentation/grafting treatment, or soft tissue surgery which may be necessary to improve the function or aesthetic of the implant restoration. Simple bone grafting can be performed at the time of surgery at $300 additional fee. For procedure that requires specialist care, a referral will be made to one of our trusted specialists, or one preferred by you.

** Cerec chairside crown made to fit the implant abutment is the standard treatment provided with this package. If you prefer an implant crown made by a dental lab, the dentist will advise you of the lab fee that may incur on top of the package price.

There are four main steps on placing a dental implant, which are referred to as soft tissue reflection, drilling, placement of implant and tissue adaptation.

  1. Soft tissue reflection is the incision of the gums and it is to open the gingival flaps where the dental implant will be located.
  2. The second step drilling is required at high speed to place a pilot hole with a surgical guide. After the high speed drilling, a slow speed drilling will expand the pilot hole with progressive widening drill. It is important not to overheat or damage the bone cell, therefore a cooling saline is continuously sprayed to keep the temperature low.
  3. The third step, the placement of the dental implant is screwed into place and allows the bone and tooth implant to fuse and bond together.
  4. The last step tissue adaptation where the dentist will let the surrounding gums to heal. To prevent the gums from covering the tooth implant a healing abutment is placed, so after the gingiva has healed properly it will be uncovered at a later stage.
  • Fixed option, meaning that it is attached to the jaw bone similar to a natural tooth.
  • Less invasive to adjacent teeth as there is no need to grind the adjacent teeth during its placement most of the time.
  • Also careful procedure usually induces less pain than a tooth removal.
  • Cost effective
  • For potential future loss of teeth, multiple implants can be joined together to convert to a bridge meaning not every single missing tooth needs to be implanted.
  • Considered one of the best treatments for missing tooth/teeth.
  • High success rate comparing to other options available.
  • Relative high cost initially comparing to most standard tooth restorations (crowns and ceramic onlays are significantly cheaper if the tooth can be restored that way).
  • Minor surgery is required
  • Relative risk associated with smokers and immunocompromised patients.
  • Does not feel exactly like real tooth but very close to it. In fact, nothing compares to natural tooth which is why we would always recommend dental restorations prior to considering removal of the tooth and replacing it with dental implant
  • Aesthetic of the gum (gingiva) is more challenging to obtain as it does not attach to the implant the same way the gum attaches to natural tooth. Additional surgery may be necessary adding to the cost of treatment.

A reason why an initial appointment with the dentist is important is to determine if your oral health is suitable for tooth implant. With the assistance of a CBCT scan and visual examination the dentist is able to piece all the information together to plan the dental implant treatment.

All on 4 means implant supported bridge. It is usually 2 surgical implant supported 4 unit bridge.
We don’t offer all on 4 implants.

Depending on the individual’s circumstances, the stages of dental implant procedures can differ. If the patient is lacking healthy jaw bone or soft tissue, an additional surgical procedure is needed to reconstruct the site before or during the dental implant placement. Without a healthy site or surrounding the success rate for the tooth implant is considerably low. The two additional surgical procedures are bone grafting, reconstruction of hard tissue and gingival grafting, reconstruction of soft tissue.

  • Partial denture is between $800-$2,000 depending on material and number of false teeth on the denture.
  • Full denture is generally $800-$1,200 per arch depending on material.

The price starts from $4,350 per tooth. You will need to have the consultation first so we can assess your condition and provide you with a more accurate quotation.

$250, price may vary depending on the severity of the case because it’s a bridge.

There is generally no upper age limit for Teeth Implant Sydney. However, we still need to assess a patient’s general health and oral health prior to proceeding with the implant.

We are the best dentistry for dental implants in Sydney.


*Prices subject to change without notice. 5 year warranty applies to patients who have attended for regular six month gap-free check-up and clean at any of our 4 Sydney surgery locations (for those without health funds this is capped at $199 per visit). Because every case is different, consultation prior to treatment is required (at standard consultation fee or gap-free) to determine if your case is eligible for this special. For example, major bone graft cases need collaboration with specialists, but for most basic implant cases involving up to 3 implants, this special is likely to apply.

The above Dental Implant package applies to our Sydney CBD; North Ryde/Macquarie Park; Hornsby; Parramatta and North Sydney locations. Includes Dental Implant + CEREC Dental Crown

For more information, speak to one of our friendly staff on:

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