Emergency Dentist Sydney

Emergency dental treatment can be anything from a crack tooth, broken tooth, wisdom tooth, toothache or fillings. Patients can be involved in a physical accident or experiencing extreme pain and need to be seen as soon as possible. At Sydney CBD Dentistry are able to accommodate our patients and try our best to fit them in on that day. After hours appointment the cost will be higher, however your health should be your utmost concern.

During a dental emergency case you can follow some of these emergency dental care procedures prior to making an appointment or waiting for your appointment. In a case of dental trauma which can result in a broken tooth, chipped tooth, loose tooth or tooth that has been knocked out. Stay calm and contact your emergency dentist near me straight away.

In a loose tooth scenario from a physical accident try to reposition the tooth and stabilise it in place. At the emergency dentist in Sydney appointment there might still be a high chance of saving the tooth by splinting it to the neighbouring teeth. If it is a baby tooth, it most likely will be removed depending on the child’s age. A tooth spacer may be placed within the removed tooth space so that the baby teeth won’t shift around and the adult teeth below will have even space to erupt.

As for a knocked tooth scenario, time is critical and there is a high chance of saving the tooth within 30 minutes to 1 hour. Call your emergency dentist as soon as possible to make an urgent appointment. During this time handle the tooth with care, if you’re able to place the tooth back into the socket. Rinse the tooth under water for 10 seconds by holding at the top of the tooth and not at the root. Do not scrub or rub the tooth as it can cause further damage to the roots. If however you can not place the tooth back into the tooth socket, store the tooth in cold milk or saliva. In the case both are unavailable, wrap the tooth in a moist paper towel and handle with care so the roots are not damaged. Also remember do not store the knocked tooth in just plain water. Depending on the implication and circumstance the emergency dental treatment may vary.

For fractured teeth, it is also advised to see an emergency dentist Sydney as soon as possible. For fractured teeth depending on the severity of the fracture, it can cause a significant amount of pain for the patient. If the fracture exposes the pulp and dentin of the tooth, the tooth may be saved with a root canal therapy and a crown. Generally a patient that suffers from a fractured tooth to the root will experience sharp pain, especially to change of temperature and when pressure is applied. While waiting for your appointment and you’re experiencing a toothache from the fracture. Take ibuprofen, an anti-inflammatory or paracetamol to ease the pain.

As for a chipped tooth that is not causing you any tooth pain, it is still good to visit Sydney CBD Dentistry to restore the chipped tooth. This can avoid any sharp edges cutting your mouth and help you out of any discomfort.