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Floss or interdental cleaners are a tool to help remove plaque and debris from the interproximal part of your teeth. They are used to help clean the hard to reach surfaces of your teeth to prevent decay and gum disease.

There are a few different types of floss and interproximal cleaners to achieve different performance. During your next regular visit to the dentist in Millers Point you can see a dentist or oral therapist to show you how to use the floss properly.

As toothbrush bristles are not effective enough to remove the thin film between the teeth, dental floss and interdental cleaners are invented to assist. The floss is a thin strand-like string that threads between your teeth to remove food particles as well as plaque that can harden over time. Floss also helps manage gingivitis or even prevent gingivitis if used daily with brushing.

Dentist Near Millers PointThe market nowadays has different floss related products such as floss picker, floss holder and floss threader all to assist making flossing easier. Even a product called superfloss where the centre of the floss is soft and thick, while the ends are sturdier and thin.

Superfloss is for dental bridges and implants and uses the thin waxed ends to thread through the small gap between the gums and the dental work. Then the soft center part of the floss cleans and removes the debris underneath it. You can easily find these products in supermarkets or pharmacies around Millers Point.

The interdental cleaners or brushes are another device to help clean between the teeth. They look like tiny toothbrushes that reach between your teeth and come in different sizes. They range from 0 to 8 and are perfect for brushing between teeth that have big gaps, such as missing teeth and ortho wires for people with braces.

Interdental brushes are available in different shapes; cone form or cylindrical to better assist with your oral care. Some even have coated wires so it will not scratch the dental implants. You can ask your dentist near Millers Point to know more about these interdental brushes.

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