Cosmetic Dentistry

Are you ready for a Smile Makeover?

Cosmetic Dentist SydneyIf you are considering Cosmetic Dentistry, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does smiling make me uncomfortable?
  • Are my teeth discoloured?
  • Do I have gaps on my teeth that make it hard to talk in public?
  • Are my teeth crooked?
  • Do I want my teeth and smile to look at its best?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then you may want to consider visiting our cosmetic dentist Sydney at Sydney CBD Dentistry so they can fix your teeth imperfections and make it possible for you to achieve your dream smile.

A Smile Makeover is a complete treatment to the teeth that specializes in enhancing aesthetics of the smile, consequently promoting better oral health. With the smile fixed to look perfect, patients feel more comfortable in social and professional situations as their self-esteem is positively affected.

For a consultation with our best cosmetic dentist Sydney for a smile makeover, it should be noted that not all treatments will be suitable for you. Each case is different and would warrant a different set of procedures altogether.

To make it easier for you to understand this, our highly qualified and skilled cosmetic dentists will do an initial consultation and recommend the best treatment plan for you to achieve your desired results.

Some cases will first need either dental crowns or dental bridges to address extensive tooth decay and missing teeth respectively. Others would first need Orthodontic treatment in the form of Invisalign to fix crooked or spaced teeth.

Minor tooth discolourations and fractures will need dental veneers. Meanwhile, a set of teeth with stains from coffee or tea will be treated through teeth whitening.

Keep in mind that cosmetic dentistry procedures guarantee the best results if your oral health is well taken care of. Good oral hygiene practices and regular dental visits would help with promoting good oral health and in return, you can expect that your cosmetic dentistry services Sydney will not only look pristine but will also last you a very long time.


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