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Mouthwash is a liquid that you rinse, swill or gargle in your mouth to help freshen your breath or remove food particles after eating. It is usually an antiseptic solution that is intended to decrease the amount of microbial in the oral cavity.

There are some other uses for mouthwash that are recommended by the dentist near Royal Botanic Gardens for such reasons as analgesic, anti inflammatory, anti fungal or Xerostomia. Also if the mouthwash does contain fluoride it can prevent tooth decay and strengthen the tooth enamel.

Prescription mouthwashes are generally used for before and after oral surgery such as tooth extraction to disinfect the area. This is to ensure there are less microbes in the mouth and less chance of the surgical area to become infected afterwards.

Dentist Near Royal Botanic GardensThere are also other prescription mouthwash that helps with mouth ulcers and dry mouth. Even medicated mouthwash to relieve oral pain that is associated with mucositis, which are caused by chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

However depending on the active ingredient for prescription mouthwashes long term uses of this type of mouthwash may cause staining. So it is best to understand the cause for the teeth stain and discuss with the dentist from Royal Botanic Gardens if there are any other different options.

As mentioned above mouthwash can combat the cause of bad breath, cavities and gingivitis but however not eliminate them. The combined use of brushing, flossing and regular visit to your dentist in Royal Botanic Gardens.

With so many brands of mouthwash available in the market it could be confusing to decide which one is right for you. If however you are near Royal Botanic Gardens you can book in a general check up and clean appointment with the dental surgery at Sydney CBD Dentistry where the friendly dentist and oral health therapist can explain and discuss the benefit and type of mouthwash is best for your case.

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