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Bad breath is an unpleasant odour coming from someone’s mouth and is also known as halitosis. Even though it’s usually not a very serious issue, it can impact a person’s self esteem and their personal relationships.

The underlying cause of bad breath is generally caused by poor oral hygiene where bacteria is found on the teeth and tongue. If this is the case regular visits to the dentist can help prevent the buildup of food particles.

Other elements such as types of food, health conditions and habits can be the source of bad breath as well. If there is a constant and persistent bad taste or bad breath it could be an indication of gum disease. There are many dentists in The Rocks that can assist in diagnosing this issue.

Dentist Near The RocksHabits such as smoking and tobacco use, not only stains your teeth and causes bad breath. It is also detrimental to the person’s health. Smokers are generally more likely to have gum disease which is a contributing factor to bad breath.

Dry mouth is another component of bad breath. As saliva naturally breaks down food and cleanse the mouth. A lack of saliva in your mouth can cause food particles to build up and lead to bad breath.

Dry mouth can be caused by breathing through your mouth, medications or salivary gland issues. In addition Medical conditions such as sinus and lung infections or kidney and liver disease can be the root of this issue.

So it is important to discuss this with your dentist near The Rocks, if you have reviewed your oral hygiene and lifestyle changes.

Occasionally other causes from your nose and throat can stem into bad breath. Tonsil stones are small bacteria covered stones that can be formed in the flaps of the tonsils and produce unpleasant odour.

While infections or inflammation in the throat, nose and sinuses is another source of bad breath and can be discussed with your general practitioner near the tourist landmark, Sydney Harbour Bridge or around The Rocks area.

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