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Teeth whitening is a simple cosmetic procedure that bleaches your teeth to make it look whiter. It usually contains either Hydrogen Peroxide or Carbamide Peroxide, where these bleaches break the stains into smaller pieces. As a result making the stain less intense and your teeth brighter.

Over time everyone’s teeth will look less white or bright due to age, medication and lifestyle changes. The enamel which is the outer hard white shell, can get stained or will get thinner due to brushing. When the enamel is thin the soft yellowish Dentin area starts to show through.

Unfortunately not everyone is suitable for whitening, so a visit to a dentist in King Street Wharf can prevent you spending money on over the counter whitening products. The dentist can also be able to clean all the stains prior to whitening to get the bleach a clean even slate to work evenly and effectively.Dentist near King Street Wharf

Some reasons why tooth whitening may not work for everyone are the different tones on an individual’s teeth. Yellow teeth may show good results, while brown teeth may only show a little difference and grey teeth may not even bleach. Also if your tooth has been filled, crowned or veneered those teeth will not bleach.

For the people who are suitable, these are two types of whitening available at the dentist near King Street Wharf. In-chair whitening and take home whitening, the difference between these two is the duration of time for the result to be seen.

In-chair whitening is done in one session for around 1.5 hours at your dentist. The clinician will prep your teeth by cleaning and polishing the surface stain on your teeth. A barrier gel will be placed on your gums to protect the bleach from burning them. Then the bleach will be administered through a couple of 10 – 20 minute sessions.

While the take home whitening will take up to two weeks to see results. The dentist will provide you custom made trays to take home. They will provide you instruction on how to use it and how long to leave the trays on for.

Remember everyone’s teeth colour is continuously changing and to maintain your teeth looking white and bright, you may need to do another whitening session a few years down the track. Don’t worry though as your dentist will be there for you which is just around King Street Wharf.

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