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Teeth Whitening – Simple, Effective & Affordable.

People seek whiter and brighter teeth to improve the aesthetics of their smile. It is a safe, less invasive and more affordable treatment option to reach the whiter teeth result.

  • Take -Home Teeth Whitening $349
  • In-Chair Teeth Whitening by OHT/Hygienist $449
  • Add $100 for Professional Take-Home Whitening Kit with Custom Trays when purchased together with any of our In-Chair Whitening procedures.

*Pending on booking availability and all group appointments need to be booked at the same session at the same location.

Offer subjects to change without notice.

Given the different causes of discolouration, it is important to have your dentist/oral health therapist thoroughly assess your dental health to determine whether teeth whitening will be an effective treatment for you.

We have two teeth whitening treatment options available: Take-home teeth whitening and in-chair teeth whitening.

Our at-home kit contains a set of custom-made teeth whitening trays and effective low-concentration whitening gel. Whitening gel is applied to the trays, which need to be worn consistently for 30 minutes every day for a week or two to achieve the desired result.

You can comfortably whiten your teeth for 30 minutes during the day with our PolaDay System. It offers you the convenience of being able to use it whenever you like for the 7 to 14–day period. We provide you with enough whitening gel for your initial treatment period and a number of maintenance applications. Under our supervision this technique is safe for your teeth and gums.

We offer a 90 minutes in chair whitening procedure with our SDI PolaOffice+ whitening system. We have chosen this system over others is because this is proven to be the most efficient, longer lasting and affordable treatment for our patients. This immediately improves the whiteness of your teeth, but some patients choose to maximise and maintain the results by following up with an take-home whitening system.

The main benefit of in-chair teeth whitening is the immediacy of results – a significant change in whiteness is seen within a short period of time.

Please call us on 8090 1105 to book in a consultation or clean appointment to start a whiter and brighter smile today.

Unfortunately, all types of teeth whitening system can cause some degree of sensitivity to your teeth, some more so than others. This sensitivity is reversible, and is related to the concentration of the whitening system, the length of time applied to the tooth, and the dehydration levels produced by the treatment.

In order to achieve the optimal result from your teeth whitening, scale and clean treatment/teeth cleaning is recommended to remove tartar and plaque on your teeth prior to the whitening procedure.

At Sydney CBD Dentistry, we offer the latest cosmetic dental teeth whitening system: SDI is proud to present their 100% Australian made whitening system PolaOffice+, which utilises a powerful blue-light and high potency whitening gel.

We do not use laser as our whitening light because researches have found that blue-light can be just as effective in offering an equal whitening effect without excessive dehydration which can be caused by some high-powered laser whitening systems in the market. Excessive dehydration can cause increased sensitivity of your teeth.

  • 90 minutes for whitening
  • 120 minutes for clean and whitening

This treatment can be repeated up to 2 to 3 times depending on how white you would like to make your teeth. There is a healthy limitation to how white your teeth will become, and we do not advocate for excessive whitening.

There are no negative effects but it won’t work on veneered teeth.

You need to use it for 30 minutes a day and for 7-14 days.

$250-$350 per tooth but the patient needs to have a consultation first to assess the severity of the injury.

  • $250 for 2 trays
  • $150 for either bottom/top tray only.

$100 for 3 syringes which can be used for up to months depending on the amount of gel you use and how frequently. If you have your own mould then you can bring in your tray and let the dentist have a look and they will explain more.

The patient needs to have teeth whitening at least 1 week before having dental veneers done. Preferably 2 weeks. The reason is we want to wait for the whitening result to settle so we can match the shade with the rest of the teeth with the veneer material either porcelain or composite.

Item #: 118 x 12 for in-chair teeth whitening; 119 x 2 and 927 for take-home teeth whitening.




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