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What Your Dentist Wants You to Know About Teeth Cleaning

Teeth Cleaning Near MeYou may be wondering why dentists often ask patients during dental checkup and clean Sydney sessions this question: “do you floss your teeth?” You probably answered “yes” immediately, thinking that your dentist Sydney wouldn’t find out that it’s a lie. 

Aside from the fact that they’re a hundred percent aware of your teeth cleaning habits even without you telling them, here are some other things that your dentist would want you to know about teeth cleaning Sydney

  • Flossing is really a must.

Brushing your teeth alone is never enough to clean your teeth. That’s because your toothbrush bristles, even if it’s the softest one, can’t reach some of your teeth’s surfaces. Examples of which are the spaces between your teeth called “interproximal spaces.”

With that being said, simply brushing your teeth will not eliminate all of the dirt that’s present around your teeth. Also, reinforcing toothbrushing with mouthwashes can’t also fully clean your teeth—flossing is really a must.

Dentists Sydney recommend that you brush your teeth at least twice a day. Then, floss your teeth once a day. You can either floss before bedtime, or after your midday meal should you need to do so. 

However, note that too much flossing can also damage your teeth’s surfaces. So, it’s best that you know how to properly floss your teeth to keep your smile healthy. 

  • Brushing your teeth vigorously is a no-no.

If you think that brushing your teeth vigorously can help you keep your teeth healthy, you’re barking up the wrong tree.

Vigorous brushing wears down your teeth surfaces, which can ultimately expose your teeth’s dentin, the organic material found within the enamel. This, in turn, causes hypersensitivity, which is why some people feel pain even without any tooth decay. 

Aside from vigorous strokes, brushing your teeth in horizontal strokes should also be avoided, as this can also cause tooth wear and gum damage.

Plus, don’t forget to brush all of the surfaces that your toothbrush can reach, including your gum line. Failure to do so will increase your chances of having gingivitis, a common gum disease that causes gum bleeding.

  • Hard bristles won’t clean your teeth—they damage them. 

The words “harder is better” does not apply to teeth cleaning. Again, vigorous brushing will do you no good, as well as hard toothbrush bristles.

People often think that using a toothbrush with the hardest bristles makes their teeth squeaky clean. This is a myth that your dentist Sydney CBD would probably want to bust for you.

First, hard bristles cause trauma to your gums, and this can only damage them and your enamel in the long run. Second, harder bristles are less flexible, so they’re less likely to reach the nooks and crannies found between your teeth.

With that being said, it’s best to go for a toothbrush with soft bristles, as they’re gentler and more flexible. Plus, soft bristles aid in massaging your gums, which brings your gums benefits; thus, maintaining their healthy state. 

  • Eat fruits and vegetables, such as apples and celery.

Skip eating refined sugars and replace them with a healthy snack instead! Eating tough fruits, such as apples and celery, can greatly benefit your teeth. That’s because the tough texture that these food have can help in scraping dirt off your teeth.

Aside from that, eating such fruits and vegetables can help in stimulating saliva production, which is good for keeping your mouth hydrated, odor-free, and non-acidic. Plus, they’re not only good for the teeth, but they’re also beneficial for your overall health. 

  • Visiting a dentist regularly must.

Regularly visiting your Sydney CBD dentist according to their recommended timeframe is definitely a must, and there’s a good reason behind it. 

Calcular deposits, commonly known as tartar, are usually formed inside your mouth within 6 months. These are actually hardened dirt and food substances that have been stuck between your teeth’s surfaces for a long time.

Brushing and flossing are not enough to remove tartar from your teeth, and that explains why you need a professional’s help.

During a regular dental visit, you can expect your dentist or dental hygienist to perform mouth examination and dental cleaning. These are done to check whether or not tooth decay is present among your teeth. Plus, they’ll remove the tartar formed in your mouth through a procedure called “scaling.” 

Failure to having your teeth professionally cleaned does not only increase your chances of having tooth decay. It also increases your risk of having periodontal diseases, which does not only involve your teeth but also the bone and gums surrounding it.

  • Don’t brush your teeth as soon as you’re done eating!

You read that right. Don’t brush your teeth as soon as you’re done eating. This is because food, especially sugary ones, causes your saliva pH to drop to acidic levels. And, acid causes tooth decay by slowly breaking down your teeth’s surfaces.

With that being said, brushing your teeth immediately after eating will only introduce more acid onto your tooth. Plus, this encourages acid to go through the grooves found on your teeth and retaining them inside those spaces increases your risk of having tooth decay.

So, dentists recommend that you wait for about 30 to 60 minutes after meals before you can brush your teeth. This gives your mouth an ample amount of time to neutralise the acids that came from your food; thus, reducing your chances of having cavities.

What happens if you fail to have your teeth cleaned regularly?

Failure to visit your dentist teeth cleaning or hygienist for a scale and clean session does not mean the end of the world for you. Worry not as dentists are trained when it comes to restoring teeth back to their original state once tooth decay has occurred.  

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