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Early Signs of Dental Problems

Dentists SydneyAside from the habitual twice a year visit to your dentist Sydney CBD for a comprehensive dental check-up and teeth cleaning to maintain healthy teeth and mouth, there are certain situations and dental concerns that demand an immediate visit to your dentists Sydney.

Oftentimes, we would only pay our doctors a visit when the situation has aggravated and it has caused some problems with everyday living such as it has become difficult to eat or speak. But keep in mind that the earliest you have yourself checked up, the earlier your worries are put to ease.

If you encounter any of these signs and symptoms, then it may be time to schedule an appointment with your dentist near me for a check-up.

1. Bleeding and redness of the gums

Bleeding gums is a sign of gingivitis. This is usually caused by poor oral hygiene leading to plaque build-up on teeth.

Plaque is home to bacteria and this bacteria causes redness of the gums and once brushed, it can cause bleeding. To treat this, visit your dentist near Sydney for scale and clean and consultation.

Some patients tend to form plaque faster than others so they would be required to visit their dentist more than twice a year for Sydney teeth cleaning. Once the irritants are removed, you can expect your gums to return to a healthy state.

2. Toothache when drinking hot or cold water

Sensitivity to hot and/or cold drinks or food is associated with the presence of tooth decay. The earlier this is treated through dental fillings Sydney, the less invasive the treatment and the faster you can return to normalcy.

If neglected, tooth decay can rapidly worsen and can eventually lead to extensive dental decay. Treatment for this would be root canal treatment or worse, tooth extraction.

3. Roughness of the back of the front tooth

When touched by the tongue, roughness on the back of the tooth can be a sign that hard calculus has formed on the area. Dental calculus is basically long-standing plaque and contributory to this is bad oral hygiene and neglect on dental visits.

When this is not removed as soon as possible, periodontal problems can be expected such as infection and tooth mobility as well as bleeding of the gums and bad breath.

Depending on how worse the situation is, your dentist Sydney may recommend dental cleaning and deep scaling.

4. Abnormal bumps in the mouth

Whenever you brush your teeth or do random inspections of your mouth, you can easily check for abnormal bumps that were not previously there. Should there be any, immediately schedule an appointment with your best dentist near me as this can be an early sign of oral cancer or other dental problems.

5. Tongue discolourations and other abnormalities

A normal tongue is pinkish in colour with normal finger-like projections on the surface called the papillae. Any deviation to this normal appearance can be associated with several problems and this includes nutritional deficiencies, oral cancers, fungal growths, and other health problems.

For any tongue abnormalities, call your best Sydney dentist as soon as possible and schedule a check-up so you can be advised of what to do.

These are just some of the common and easily spotted and felt signs that you should be wary of and should you have experiences with these, do not put it off for another day and immediately schedule an appointment with your Sydney CBD dentist so the proper treatment and management can be recommended to you.

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