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When it comes to taking care of our dental health and keeping our oral hygiene in check, practices such as toothbrushing should be done every day to prevent the build-up of bacteria that may cause major dental issues such as tooth decay and bad breath.

However, even if we strictly follow good oral hygiene habits, there are still certain areas that cannot be cleaned by regular oral care home practices.

To ensure a whole mouth clean, Dental Cleaning or Teeth Cleaning is a routine dental procedure that should be performed twice a year and every 6 months. 

For a teeth cleaning Sydney appointment, your Sydney CBD dentist will start by performing a comprehensive dental check-up. Through this, your dentist teeth cleaning can identify the early signs of dental problems and provide treatment and management for it to prevent further damage to your teeth.

Dental CleaningAfter a routine check-up, scale and clean or  removal of plaque and scaling of dental calculus will then be done.

In this process, your dentist Sydney will use special instruments to scale off the deposits and remove debris build-up which may cause major dental issues if not cleaned.

Your dentist will also thoroughly clean the area beneath your gumline.

When food lodges into these areas or when bacteria accumulate in the gum line, patients would usually complain about bleeding gums and bad breath.

This also kickstarts periodontal diseases which may eventually lead to tooth mobility. To prevent this, it is important to visit your dentist Sydney for teeth scaling so debris stuck under the gum line and on the root surfaces can be removed.

Once the teeth have been cleaned off of debris and plaque, your dentist will then polish the teeth to eliminate microabrasions that may harbor bacteria. Polishing also encourages teeth whitening and removes stubborn stains.

And as we promote an overall healthy lifestyle, ensuring your optimum oral health through Preventive Dentistry techniques is one we prioritise. After getting your Sydney teeth cleaning, Sydney CBD Dentistry also encourages patients to have fluoride application. Fluoride is an important component that enhances the strength of teeth, therefore, preventing tooth decay. 

We currently have No Gap Dental offer only for our new patients but for those who don’t have health fund, teeth cleaning cost is at $189, 220 if including X-rays. For returning patients, teeth cleaning price is only $165. To help with your dental needs, we also accept health funds which may greatly aid in your expenses.

Contact us for an appointment for a teeth cleaning near me and visit Sydney CBD Dentistry and experience safe and quality Dentistry. 

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22 Oct, 2021

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