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Benefits of Teeth Cleaning

Dentist Teeth CleaningTo achieve optimum health and positive wellbeing, it is important that we prioritise oral health as well.

In taking care of the teeth and the mouth, proper oral hygiene practices and habitual dental visits for comprehensive dental check-ups and scale and clean should be done.

Sydney CBD Dentistry recommends a twice a year and every 6-month visit to your dentist Sydney.

This regular visit helps your dentist to keep track of your oral health as well as to provide a thorough dental cleaning.

Because as much as we practice proper tooth brushing, there are still certain areas in the mouth that cannot be cleaned by these home care methods.

Teeth Cleaning Sydney generally consists of 4 processes: examination, scaling, polishing, and fluoride application. An examination is first done to check for the presence of abnormalities such as tooth decay, bad oral habits, and oral cancers.

The earlier your dentist Sydney CBD is able to spot these signs, the earlier treatment and management can be done. This guarantees a better prognosis for your dental problem if there is any.

Next, teeth scaling is done to remove plaque build-up and hard calculus. These are areas where bacteria thrive contributing to several oral health concerns such as tooth decay and bad breath.

In worse scenarios, hard calculus may cause gum disease and periodontal problems. Removal will warrant the use of a vibrating scaler to remove these offending agents.

If there is a need to, deep scaling will also be done to remove the calculus beneath the gum line and against the tooth roots.

After a thorough teeth cleaning through scaling, polishing of the teeth will be done to make your teeth more radiant. This also promotes teeth whitening as stains and other readily removable discolourations are cleaned off.

Lastly, your Sydney CBD dentist will recommend fluoride application to help strengthen the tooth enamel. This prevents easy tooth fractures and reduces the likelihood of tooth decay. Fluoride also arrests budding tooth cavities.

For an appointment for dentist teeth cleaning at Sydney CBD Dentistry, we recommend that patients undergo all procedures to guarantee a whole mouth clean.

We have a No Gap dental offer for such procedures in a package or for a teeth cleaning cost of $199 for new patients without a health fund. This also includes X-rays should your dentist recommend them. Meanwhile, returning patients can enjoy comprehensive Sydney teeth cleaning and fluoride application at $188 only. The gap payment for returning patients will depend on your health fund rebate.

Our patients will also be relieved to know that we accept health funds and this can provide you with help for your dental treatment. You may check with your provider for the available treatments and the corresponding discounts for them.

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01 Oct, 2021

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