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A Guide to Your First Visit With Us

Sydney CBD DentistOn your first visit with us, understanding the state of your mouth and teeth would help us determine the course of treatment and management.

Outlining a treatment plan and explaining to you why the procedures are necessary would kickstart our relationship with you as our patient and us as your healthcare provider.

Of course, a great state of oral health would only require comprehensive dental check-up and teeth cleaning, as well as patient education. These are preventive measures that relatively reduce the chances of tooth decay and other dental concerns.

Then, you would be instructed to visit our clinic twice a month to maintain your oral health and so we can regularly inspect your teeth and mouth for dental concerns.

Otherwise, your dentist near me would easily identify if you have poor oral hygiene. To go about solving this, the plan of action will be made and this starts with a whole mouth clean and strict education on how to take care of your teeth.

A better diagnosis can be made through X-rays and this will be done upon the recommendation of your dentist Sydney.

From the diagnosis, your dentist near Sydney will explain to you what needs to be done. A complete oral rehabilitation would include scale and clean, restoration of the teeth to its optimum health through dental fillings or root canal treatment, enhancement of the aesthetics through different cosmetic dentistry procedures, removal of unsalvageable teeth and replacement of these through dental bridge, dentures, or dental implant, and other dental treatments that your dentist Sydney CBD would be happy to explain to you.

These procedures will be done one at a time and in the end, we can promise you of a better and more confident smile as well as a healthier mouth.

At Sydney CBD Dentistry, your comfort and the best results to your dental treatment are a priority to us.

Therefore, if you are looking for a Sydney CBD Dentist that can provide you with top-notch dental treatment using the most advanced techniques and modern equipment at the heart of Sydney CBD, then look no further and pay us a visit as we guarantee you of a great experience as you journey towards better oral health.

Worked at Sydney CBD Dentistry located at in 302/70 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000.

10 Sep, 2021

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