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Teeth whitening Sydney can either be a cheap or expensive dental procedure depending on a number of factors. At-home bleaching whitening treatments for instance are considered to be fairly accessible because of their low barrier of entry particularly with their low costs.

Professional teeth whitening prices are known to be a little more expensive but offers faster and more visible results in a short amount of time.

Teeth Whitening Price Around Sydney

Most dental clinics around Sydney offers around $800 per visit of professional teeth whitening, $400 – $500 for their take home kits and around $100 or less for over the counter teeth whitening products. Yes, professional teeth whitening in Sydney is not cheap which is why searching around for the best deal that a dental practice can offer is wise.

Teeth Whitening Cost at Sydney CBD Dentistry

At Sydney CBD Dentistry, we have a teeth whitening special offer which is one of the best deal around Sydney. For a single booking, it only costs $449 for an in-chair teeth whitening. If you opt for a take home teeth whitening, then it’s only $349. Just add $100 if you want to purchase take home teeth whitening together with the in-chair teeth whitening.

Let us look at some ways on how to help you get the most out of your teeth whitening cost in Sydney.

It should be noted that both at home and in office tooth whitening variants are wonderful options and they can also work hand in hand together in helping maximise the effectiveness of the teeth whitening procedure.

What matters most is the tooth aftercare solutions that needs to be followed in order for them to last a considerable amount of time. This includes practising good oral care and hygiene by brushing, flossing, and rinsing daily.

Professional teeth whitening in Sydney

Avoiding food and beverages that can stain your teeth are also advised such as black tea and coffee, white and red wine, sports drinks, carbonated beverages, sauces, and the likes.

A number of individuals want to know the answer to the question, “Is teeth whitening covered by insurance?” Insurance companies however, does not cover teeth whitening in Sydney because it is under the cosmetic procedure. This is the all the more reason why you need to make sure that you are taking good care of your teeth.



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22 Sep, 2021

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