Professional Teeth Whitening

professional teeth whitening in SydneyProfessional teeth whitening is done with practices that offer high-end teeth whitening that delivers amazing results and mostly this is done through in-office whitening. Normally, teeth whitening is performed by dentists as well as hygienist but it has to be supervised by a dentist.

There are patients who come into dental practices that are dissatisfied with the results as they had with over the counter teeth whiteners. These over the counter kits cost around $40 to $100, but there are teeth whitening kits as well that are way better and can be taken home which are purchased from the dental practice.

You can have this in order to maintain the whitening of your teeth at home, and if you are too busy to visit the dentist then a take-home kit is the most convenient way to have your teeth whitened.

Best teeth whitening can be done by professionals like dentists and hygienists but this type of procedure does require skill to avoid injury to the gums. The whole treatment may take 60-90 minutes and there are steps to follow in order to achieve the optimal result of teeth whitening.

First is that the dentist needs to have the exact or the closest shade of your teeth as this will be the basis of the dentist. They will then keep a record of your current shade to compare the result thereafter.

If you haven’t done any teeth cleaning for the last six months, the dentist might recommend you to have one and have those plaques removed as this makes the teeth whitening procedure more effective. Then, a whitening solution will be polished into your teeth which has to be kept dry.

A retractor might be placed to keep your cheeks, tongue, lips, and gums away from the whitening solution. A bleaching agent which is the hydrogen peroxide will then be placed and will be coated in the front teeth only.

Most dental practices use advanced way to have the teeth whitened. They use a laser light to activate the bleach and lastly a fluoride treatment will be applied as well since this will help with sensitivity as it is common for patients to feel teeth sensitivity after teeth whitening in Sydney.

Aftercare includes avoiding smoking as well as foods and beverages that are high in food colour such as coffee, tea, red wine, tomatoes.

There are patients who cannot afford to have a dentist for teeth whitening and as an alternative, they purchase professional take-home whitening kits. It is like a do it yourself type of teeth whitening which is normally sold in dental practices or sold by dentists however impressions have to be taken in order for the tray to fit perfectly.

This tray is like a cup that is contoured and personalised for the patient’s teeth only. It can last for up to 2 weeks and you have to do it for an hour per day.

You will see the results much better than those teeth whiteners that can be purchased on the market. This is a good and affordable way if you cannot afford to have a professional teeth whitening done.



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Professional Teeth Whitening