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Having white teeth is an instant attraction for everyone. We are now in an era where social media is a great influence and everyone wants to have an attractive smile.

The most in-demand treatment for our teeth today is teeth whitening. There are two types of teeth whitening Sydney; we have in-chair teeth whitening and home care teeth whitening.

Now, what’s the difference between the two?

For in-chair teeth whitening, it is basically a professional teeth whitening done in the dental practice by your dentist or hygienist. While for home care teeth whitening, the treatment depends on you and how you follow the instructions in the package.

There are different options for home care teeth whitening, like over the counter products, for example, whitening toothpaste, strips, gels and etc. Take home kits are usually recommended by the dentist to maximise the effect of the in-chair teeth whitening and the most common brand is the zoom teeth whitening in Sydney.In Sydney CBD Dentistry, we only offer SDI PolaOffice+ as it is proven to be the most efficient, longer lasting and affordable treatment for our patients.

Teeth whitening in Sydney CBD is not always recommended to all patients. There are some factors that you need to consider before having teeth whitening treatment and some patients are not eligible for the treatment.

Teeth Whitening in Sydney

Remember that there are some over the counter whitening treatments that are not approved by the TGA as some ingredients may cause erosion to your enamel so it is important to have precaution before doing any teeth whitening treatment.

It is not bad to dream of having perfectly white teeth but you also need to consider your safety. Always ask your dentist for a recommendation.



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