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No Gap Dentist: Affordable Dentist Sydney

Looking to save up on your dental needs through low-cost or even free dental services? You’ve come to the right place with us at Sydney CBD Dentistry!

Because we value you and the optimum oral health of your entire family, we have partnered with No Gap Dental to offer lesser to absolutely zero-out-of-pocket expense Dentistry! Our No Gap policy means that you can enjoy a partially or fully covered dental treatment depending on your chosen service.

If you are looking for a no gap dentist, there are fortunately many dental clinics to go to within Sydney. Check for their location, availability, and the variety of dental services they offer.

For No Gap policies, it often covers preventative and basic dental services. It is best to give your dentist Sydney a call so they can help you understand the services they offer.

At Sydney CBD Dentistry, our No Gap policies can be enjoyed by our new patients!

For new patients, we have a No Gap new patient special available for a full-mouth dental check-up, consultation, and teeth cleaning Sydney. And if advised by our dentist Sydney CBD, an X-ray is also covered by the No Gap policy.

X-rays provide for accurate diagnosis for your dental problems so our dentist can come up with the best treatment plan. You can enjoy these dental services for free! Saving you up to $199!

Meanwhile, for our returning patients, we offer $188 only for procedures such as dental examination, comprehensive teeth scale and clean, fluoride application, and dental consultation.

Aside from this, Sydney CBD Dentistry also has other options that can help you with your finances. We are affiliated with other health providers that reduce the cost of your dental treatments. To name a few, we are partners with Medibank Private, BUPA, NIB, and HCF.

Through our efforts for happier and healthier smiles, we continuously strive to meet our patient’s expectations. This includes helping them with their financial track whilst ensuring that their oral health is at its best.

Experience the best Sydney dentist with Sydney CBD Dentistry. Contact us today to know more!

Worked at Sydney CBD Dentistry located at in 302/70 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000.

11 Oct, 2021

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