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Sydney CBD Dentistry keeps companies oral health in check in a timely and affordable manner through their corporate benefit plan. This helps gives corporate employees a huge amount of convenience and relief as their dental needs and preferences are covered.

It is important for business owners to provide their employees with the benefits that they need in order for them to perform at their best. It is good to hear that several dental clinics in Sydney have made dental coverage more simple and accessible to their clients.

What corporate benefit plan does is giving corporate employees as well their families, access to a wide range of services and emergency dental care. This includes free access to program benefits, free first examination and unlimited X-rays on the first visit as necessary, 10% discount on all fees for all staff and their family members.

We are the best dental clinic in Sydney.

Aside from discounts, staff members who are under Sydney dental clinics’ corporate benefit plan will also be able to take advantage of the same-day business hour appointments for dental emergencies, lunchtime, as well as before and after work appointments on offer which is subject to availability.

The Sydney Dental Health corporate plan is also convenient and hassle free as it does not require any fees up front and also does not need any type of admin work in order to function properly.

Having these plans around does indeed go a long way as employees will be able to schedule a dental surgery in Sydney at their most convenient time.



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10 Sep, 2021

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