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Dental Cleaning CostAside from good oral hygiene, one of the ways you can have a happier and healthier smile is by visiting your dentist twice a year, that’s every 6 months, for a comprehensive dental checkup and clean Sydney.

Through these procedures, your Sydney CBD dentist can check on your oral health and which needs fixing and treatment. They will conduct a full mouth examination on your teeth, gums, tongue, and jaws.

Some of the dental diseases they can easily pick up through this routine exam are dental decay, bad breath, tooth cavities, gum disease, and early signs of oral cancer. With early detection, the most efficient treatment can be carried out!

Then, for dental cleaning, an ultrasonic scaler for teeth scaling will be vibrated against the surface of your teeth and underneath the gums to remove plaque and hard calculus build-up. These house bacteria which make you more prone to several dental issues.

At Sydney CBD Dentistry, we do a general check-up and teeth cleaning on the same day. So how much do these treatments cost?

Our new patient special check-up and dental cleaning cost is $199. This includes a comprehensive examination, dental consultation, and teeth cleaning Sydney. We also take X-rays to accurately diagnose any dental concerns.

For returning patients, dental exam and teeth cleaning cost is $188. This includes both dental examination and consultation, comprehensive teeth scaling and polishing, and fluoride treatment.

If needed, our dentist Sydney CBD will recommend deep teeth cleaning. This will scale underneath your gums to treat tooth or gum infection.

So if you are a new patient and No Gap affiliate, you can enjoy these treatments for free! No Gap dentist helps its cardholders enjoy lesser to no out-of-pocket expense for check-up with scale and clean. Give us a call so we can check your benefits!

To schedule you and your family’s general check-up and dentist teeth cleaning, give Sydney CBD Dentistry a call! We have a friendly team who will schedule you at the time most convenient for you.


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01 Sep, 2021

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