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Teeth whitening also known as teeth bleaching have been more and more sought after dental cosmetic treatment to this day. Teeth whitening Sydney can either be whitening products over the counter to apply at home or have it done professionally by your dentist.

These whitening products contain hydrogen peroxide. Other whitening products are peroxide free which contain carbamide peroxide or sodium perborate that releases hydrogen peroxide.

So is it worth it to get your teeth professionally whitened? Professional teeth whitening dentist in Sydney use 35% hydrogen peroxide. In chair whitening is more expensive than any whitening kits or bleaching tray.

However, the effects are immediate which gives an assurance to the patients that they will achieve the bright smile that they want. In just a few hours you can see the improvement on your teeth. However, not all people are eligible to whitening treatments.

If you are someone that has tartar build up, tooth decay and gum disease, sensitive teeth and sensitive gums, you might want to prioritise to treat these dental issues first before proceeding with any dental cosmetic treatment.

Teeth whitening products does not work on your crowns, veneers and fillings. It is best to have a consultation with your dentist to make sure that you can undergo this treatment and to know the risk and the side effects of teeth whitening.Teeth whitening in Sydney

Teeth whitening are temporary, but how long does professional teeth whitening last will depend on the type of whitening treatment you had and your aftercare.

Teeth whitening in Sydney can last for a few months up to three years. It varies from person to person.

The whitening effect will not last if you eat foods that can stain your teeth or when you drink coffee or tea. You must avoid smoking cigarettes as well if you want to prolong the whitening effects and continue having a bright white smile.



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