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Easy Ways to Take Care of Your Smile

Sydney DentistsContrary to popular belief, Dentistry is not at all expensive! It only becomes pricey when you neglect your oral health and diseases pop up left and right.

Some common dental issues you can expect when you do not take good care of your teeth and mouth are dental decay, bad breath, and gum disease.

If you do not pay a visit to Sydney dentists and you let these problems progress to an even worse state, you will probably need to have a larger cavity treated with dental fillings or dental onlay.

You could also experience nagging pain due to badly damaged teeth and will eventually have that extracted and replaced with dentures.

So how do you take care of your smile to avoid this myriad of problems? Easy! It all starts with good oral hygiene right at the comfort of your home! Our dentists Sydney always highlight the wonders that preventative dental care can do for you.

Proper tooth brushing with fluoride-rich toothpaste at least 2 to 3 times a day can remove plaque build-up that contributes to several dental problems. And do not forget about flossing!

Our dentist Sydney CBD finds that most dental decay starts when food lodges in between teeth and this can be removed by flossing! And to top it off, gargling with a mouthwash gives you an instant fresher breath!

These easy tips combined with routine dental visits every 6 months give a whole mouth clean! Your twice a year dental visit consists of a full mouth dental check-up to identify budding oral problems, scaling and polishing, and fluoride treatment.

While you can clean your teeth with toothbrushing, there are certain hard-to-reach areas that will need your dentist’s help. Sydney CBD dentists use ultrasonic scalers to remove hard calculus beneath the gums to prevent gum disease.

With these easy preventative dental care practiced regularly, you can expect little to no need for other dental treatments! These can easily save you time and money! To know more about how your “dentists near me” can help with your oral health, call us today!


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26 Jan, 2022

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