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How Much is Root Canal Treatment?

Root Canal CostRoot Canal Therapy is done to save the tooth, thus preventing the need for tooth extraction.

When you have extensive tooth decay that can no longer be treated by dental fillings, your dentist Sydney is likely to resort to root canal treatment to strengthen the remaining tooth structures and help the tooth carry out its normal functions.

This is also the treatment of choice for fractured teeth and for an infected tooth that has considerably weakened due to loss of surrounding structures that help with its stability.

Depending on the case and the assessment of your dentist Sydney CBD, a better prognosis for the tooth that will undergo root canal treatment is expected when proper procedures are done.

That being said, the course of treatment will undergo several steps such as: canal cleaning and medication, shaping, filling, post and core, and eventual tooth crown to protect the remaining fragile tooth.

Root Canal Cost in Sydney

As root canal treatment is a multi-step procedure, the expenses necessary to have a successful treatment can be quite high. Root canal cost in Sydney can be over $1,600 depending on your case and the necessary steps needed to guarantee the best outcome of treatment.

How Much Does a Root Canal Cost at Sydney CBD Dentistry?

To come up with the best treatment plan and the correct diagnosis for your case, an initial assessment will be done and diagnostic tools such as X-rays will be used to identify the cause of the problem, severity of the case, and the necessary procedures to be performed.

After which, our dental experts will explain to you how your treatment will go. This also helps with understanding the expenses to be rendered.

Root Canal Cost at Sydney CBD Dentistry ranges between $990 to $1,600. While these numbers can be quite intimidating, patients should know that getting a root canal therapy in Sydney as early as needed prevents tooth extraction and the expenses that may come from it including replacement of the missing tooth.

These procedures would likely cost more than having a root canal treatment in Sydney.

To help with your expenses, patients will be happy to know that Root Canal Treatment in Sydney CBD Dentistry can be covered by health insurance depending on its clause.

To know whether this is included in your health fund, you may contact your provider or visit our clinic and we’d gladly help you out!

We continuously punctuate that prevention is always better than cure. Yes, root canal treatment cost can be expensive but it is usually preventable if tooth decay or infection is treated early.

Also, if you think you may be in need of dental treatment, do not delay your dental visit and call Sydney CBD Dentistry for the best dental treatment in Sydney.

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26 Nov, 2021

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