Invisalign Braces Sydney

Having crooked teeth can be very unappealing and it can affect the way you present yourself in social situations. Sometimes, you may also find it awkward when you smile and speak.

But this should not be the case! Let our Sydney dentists help you through teeth straightening options such as Invisalign Braces Sydney!

What is Invisalign? Invisalign is a modern orthodontic system that straightens the teeth without the need for unsightly metal.

Unlike the conventional metal braces, Invisalign Sydney uses customised clear aligner trays that are virtually invisible! With this treatment, you can look good and feel good during and after treatment.

So how do these invisible braces work? The procedure starts by taking your tooth mold and it is from this that your treatment will be planned.

The severity of your teeth misalignment will determine how long the procedure will take and how many Invisalign trays are needed. Once these are plotted, you will receive a series of customised Invisalign Braces that are tailored to fit your teeth perfectly.

As your teeth shift to the desired position, your Invisalign will loosen. This is why you will need to have them changed every 2 weeks and to continue the tooth movement function of your Invisalign.

Invisalign Braces SydneyYour Invisalign Braces must be worn at least 22 hours a day, and yes, even in your sleep! This must be strictly followed to avoid relapse and to hasten the treatment.

Patients are only advised to remove the aligner trays when they eat, drink anything other than water, and for cleaning.

To check your progress, you are to visit your dentist Sydney CBD at least every 8 weeks.

Dental appointments are at a minimum compared to when you have metal braces. This is why many busy patients consider the shift to Invisalign Braces! 

Keep in mind though that Invisalign Braces are not for everyone. Some moderate to difficult cases cannot be fixed by the Invisalign treatment because it requires more forceful movement to align the teeth.

So to find out if you are an Invisalign candidate, consult with our expert Invisalign dentist Sydney at Sydney CBD Dentistry!

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06 Sep, 2021

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