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Looking for a good dentist in Sydney CBD could be confusing and daunting with so many different dental surgeries around. However when you are searching for a good dentist in Sydney, most patients want a dentist who is competent in all areas of dental care.

The best Sydney dentist should be able understand the patient’s concerns and explain the treatment cost and procedure in detail. Here in Sydney CBD Dentistry on 302/70 Pitt Street we have dentists who are friendly and experienced in all fields from cosmetic to restorative dentistry.

We are proud to have the best dentist in Sydney.Sydney CBD Dentistry provides multiple dental care, with our most popular and renown services at our surgery is our cosmetic dentistry. Our best dentist in Sydney provides whitening as well as composite and porcelain veneers in the cosmetic field.

Our porcelain veneers being the most in demand, as it also comes with a 5 years conditioned warranty. A visit with our friendly and good dentist in Sydney will be able to discuss your option in cosmetic treatment.

Other dental services near me that are provided at Sydney CBD Dentistry are restorative work. This includes direct composite filling and indirect fillings ranging from inlay, onlay, crown and bridge.

All our dental crown prices are clearly laid out on our website, however due to the uniqueness of each individual’s case. We highly recommend our patients to come in for a consultation, where our good dentist is able to explain the treatment process as well as to print out a cost treatment plan.

The patient may take this treatment plan to their private health insurance to know how much is covered and how much out of pocket they will be. This will avoid any confusion or misunderstanding after the treatment is completed.

Another major treatment that our dentist Sydney CBD are well diverse in is dental implant and extraction. With the state of art equipment in the surgery, taking an x-ray such as a CBCT scan is an immediate result. The CBCT scan is a 3-dimensional image of the patient’s jaw, which can promptly help the dentist assess the patient’s case.

This instant image during the consultation is a helpful tool to explain and inform the patient about their treatment and their next appointments. If anything does seem unusual the dentist can quickly write a referral to a specialist for further investigation.

These equipment also plays a supportive and helpful role to our dental clinic in Sydney and with our best dentist near me reviewing the result to treat other dental care such as root canal therapy and Invisalign. Being able to view the current snapshot of the patient’s jaw and digitally scan them gives us an advantage over other city dental in Sydney.

Patients chair time can be cut short and some treatments can be done in one visit instead of two. This also means that cost can be more affordable for patients too.

One of the important things our dentist Sydney stresses upon is maintaining good oral hygiene. This means a regular 6 monthly routine check up and clean is advised, where the dentist is able to examine and make sure no unusual changes have occurred in your mouth.

Worked at Sydney CBD Dentistry located at in 302/70 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000.

30 Mar, 2022

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