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Veneers in SydneyVeneer teeth are often considered to be a pretty expensive procedure making a number of individuals think twice before getting them.

Dental veneers Sydney balances the cost with the huge amount of benefits it provides to their clients.

Let us look at what are the pros and cons of veneers?

Veneers require careful planning and preparation to acquire especially when the procedure is quite costly.

Dental Veneers Cost Around Sydney

Most dental practices around Sydney offers $700 for their composite veneers whilst $2,000 for their porcelain counterpart.

Cost of Veneers at Sydney CBD Dentistry

So how much do veneers cost? Here at Sydney CBD Dentistry, composite veneers cost $695 per tooth whilst $1,800 per tooth (for less than 6 veneers) or $1,400 per tooth (for more than 6 veneers) for porcelain veneers.

Most individuals feel that the added cost is worth it as they are paying for the added convenience and quality.

For instance, dental veneers in Sydney don’t require any form of surgery making a non-invasive procedure which in turn makes it very accessible. Veneers Sydney also closely resemble the teeth providing a more natural look and feel as a result.

When speaking of veneers teeth pros and cons, longevity is something that gets included in the discussion. Veneers today are made of durable materials which allows them to last about 10 years.

With that being said, the material itself is susceptible to damage especially if one does not take good care of their teeth. Chipping, breaking, as well as detachment can be an issue however, this can be easily addressed through regular dental visits.

We’ve discussed a fair share of advantage and disadvantage of veneers. So, are veneers worth it? Many believe they are especially with their ability to protect, reinforce and strengthen a broken or chipped tooth.

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03 Sep, 2021

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