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With all the available dental tooth replacement options, dental implants are by far the most effective. It’s definitely worth picking, other than alternatives like dentures and bridges.

Although a dental implant is indeed a very long process, the tooth implant process normally takes as long as 6-8 months to be completed.

But how long does a dental implant procedure take? There are actually several factors which may affect the exact length of time it might take to complete your procedure.

Let’s check out the dental implant process timeline:

  • Bone Graft- 3-4 months (advanced stages of gum disease)
  • Gum Health Restoration – several months (periodontal disease/start of the procedure depends on the severity of gum disease)
  • Dental Implant Placement – 1 hour for a single implant, multiple implants may take longer.
  • Osseointegration (bone fusing around your implant) – 4-6 months healing time
  • Abutment Placing (attachment of titanium rod onto your dental implant) – takes about a few weeks to heal
  • Prosthetic Tooth/Dental Crown Attachment

It’s true that the entire dental implant process takes a couple of months to be fully healed and completed, we can assure you though that the entire healing process will be worth the wait.

Once your dental implant had fully healed, you’ll be glad to know that you would be able to eat a large variety of foods that you cannot eat before.

Other advantages of dental implants include the natural look and comfortable fit, long-lasting and reliable, high success rate, improved ability to eat and chew and lastly, improved facial and bone features.

Because of these advantages, dental implant really provides great value for your money. It truly is a perfect investment in long-term oral health.


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