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Dental Fillings Sydney – How Much is a Filling?

How Much Does a Filling CostDental fillings are among the most common dental procedures done in a dental clinic. It is the treatment option for cases of tooth decay or dental caries where a tooth is undergoing the active and progressive phase of the infection.

It is also for teeth that are fractured or malformed due to trauma or developmental defects. 

So now, you must be thinking – “How much does a filling cost?”

The answer is, it depends. There are a lot of factors to consider when calculating the tooth filling cost that you might need.

Position of the tooth within the mouth 

Generally, dental fillings for teeth at the back of your mouth, also referred to as “posterior teeth”, are more expensive than those for your front teeth a.k.a “anterior teeth”.

Why? It’s because they are less accessible and thus, more difficult to treat.

On average, dental fillings for posterior teeth are around $10 to $25 costlier than those for anterior teeth.

Size of the cavity 

There’s only one thing to remember here — the larger the cavity, the more expensive the tooth filling Sydney is. Just imagine that larger ones would take more time, effort, and material to fill the hole. Thus, it costs more.  

Type of material 

This part is kind of tricky but let’s focus on the most common teeth filling materials: Glass Ionomer, Composite Resin, and Composite/Porcelain Onlay.

Glass Ionomer is a tooth-coloured filling material that has two main advantages over other materials: First, it chemically bonds to enamel and dentin to help retain the filling better. Second, it is known to release fluoride that can help make your teeth more resistant to decay. On average, glass ionomer fillings cost around $150 to $350.

Composite is widely used today because of its ability to mimic natural tooth colour. It can also be used for small to moderate-sized defects with minimal tooth preparations. A composite filling costs around $150 to $350 as well.

In cases of large tooth defects, the best option is to restore with either Composite or Porcelain Onlays. Onlays have better physical properties and aesthetics because they are meticulously prepared in the laboratory. In addition, they can support and strengthen the remaining tooth structure. Onlay restorations cost around $650 to $990.

So basically, the dental fillings cost depends on plenty of factors. Most of which are determined by the clinical examination done by your dentist Sydney. Here at Sydney CBD Dentistry, your preference is also a big factor because we value your needs and concerns. 

Treating a cavity while it’s still small would save you both time and money. How do you prevent a cavity from getting bigger? It’s simple! Always practice good oral hygiene at home and visit us every 6 months!

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27 Oct, 2021

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