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Teeth FillingDental decay is among the most common dental diseases in Australia. In fact, an updated study in 2020 reports that over 90% of Australians experience dental decay at some point in their lives.

Some of the symptoms of dental decay include a blackened portion of the tooth, sensitivity to hot and cold food and drinks, pain, and even the presence of a hole in your tooth. When left untreated, simple dental decay can progress and grow bigger.

This causes extensive damage to the tooth. Dental decay can also spread and infect the tooth next to it.

To avoid these consequences, teeth filling is done as a treatment for dental decay.

Teeth filling can be of many forms depending on what you need. Some of the teeth filling generally available in most dental clinics Sydney are Glass Ionomers, Tooth-Coloured Composite Fillings, and Porcelain or Composite Onlay. Let’s differentiate each!

  1. Glass ionomers – this type of tooth filling Sydney has a fluoride-releasing capacity. Fluoride strengthens the teeth and protects them from tooth decay. This is most advisable for children to help keep their teeth healthy as they grow older.

  2. Tooth-coloured composite filling – this teeth filling is the most commonly used today because of its ability to mimic the natural colour of teeth. It can also be used for teeth bonding for cosmetic dental procedures to treat and enhance the appearance of your smile.

  3. Porcelain or Composite Onlay – when you have a larger decay or cavity, dental fillings would not be enough to restore the strength of your tooth. To reinforce the tooth and allow it to function without breaking, porcelain or composite onlays are recommended. This type of teeth filling are prepared in the laboratory for precision and has better aesthetic and physical properties.

Dental fillings Sydney are among your treatment options for dental decay before the tooth gets too damaged. At that point, you may need to have root canal treatment or to have a tooth extraction. Avoid these problems and consult with our dentist at Sydney CBD Dentistry today!


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