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Modern technology has helped pave the way in helping introduce more options in the field of dentistry.

Having the option to choose between braces and Invisalign is always welcomed as this helps provide variety making it possible for just about anyone to find an option that will be able to suit their preference and needs. What’s cheaper braces or Invisalign?

Looking at Invisalign vs braces cost, braces will usually come on top being the less expensive option. With that being said, cost should not be the only factor that needs to be considered with regards to tooth alignment.

For instance, although braces are cheaper, they can be a bit uncomfortable to wear. Appearance is also not the strongest feature for metal braces as some may find them to be a bit unappealing and off putting to look at.

Orthodontics cost in Sydney

Although Invisalign in Sydney is expensive, a huge number of patients find the added Invisalign price in Sydney to be very much worthwhile.

Invisalign can be easily removed providing a huge amount of convenience and relief which is not present with their metal braces counterpart.

Many find Invisalign to be visually appealing they are hard to detect but are not totally invisible making it perfect to be worn at any occasion.

Furthermore, cheap Invisalign has become much easier to find because of their increasing popularity.

Invisalign and Braces Cost in Sydney

In most dental clinic around Sydney, their Invisalign and braces cost is around $8,000 to $15,000 depending on how complex the patient’s case is. It is a very expensive treatment which is why it is best to look for an affordable orthodontist in Sydney that gives excellent quality.

How Much Does Invisalign and Braces Cost at Sydney CBD Dentistry?

At Sydney CBD Dentistry, the Invisalign cost starts from $4,100 to $7,490 depending on the Invisalign package that suits the patient. If traditional braces are needed then our other dental branches at Hornsby and Macquarie Park will be able to cater the patient. Their braces cost from $4,500 to $6,000+ which is a reasonable price as compared to other dental practices.

It should be noted that an individual’s taste can affect their decision to choose between braces or Invisalign. Regardless of what procedure you choose, make sure that you work hand in hand with your dentist in order to get the most out of the procedure.



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Orthodontics in Sydney (02) 8090 1105 | www.sydneycbddentistry.com.au

We are the best in Orthodontics here in SydneySydney CBD Dentistry introduces a new way for their clients to enjoy orthodontic services with the introduction of Invisalign as one of their primary service.

This is a very much welcomed addition which has contributed greatly in helping change the way teeth braces in Sydney are viewed by the community.

Orthodontics in Sydney plays a huge role in helping keep their client’s teeth in good shape and form.

Teeth straightening in Sydney is considered to be one of their more popular procedures however, not everyone feels enthusiastic about it especially since these often requires the installation of dental braces in order for them to work well.

It should be noted that the general consensus for braces is oftentimes leaning towards the negative side of things. The reason behind this is due to the terrible visual aesthetic that they invoke to their wearers. Metal braces in particular, are not really pleasing to look at which can put people off in getting one for their own.

Sydney Orthodontists feel the same way and as such, they have been taking the necessary measures in order to make teeth straightening a more fun and engaging procedure. They are able to do just that with the addition of a new technology called Invisalign as one of their primary services.

Invisalign takes the form of clear braces making them almost invisible to the naked eye. This in turn makes them a popular alternative for metal braces making them a much sought after procedure in several orthodontists in Sydney.



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