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Tooth discolouration can ruin a person’s perfect smile which can reduce their confidence and self-esteem. For that matter, it is important to restore them to its natural colour as soon as possible.

Brushing alone however, is not enough to make teeth white again making it necessary to find better alternatives. A huge number of individuals however, were able to find a great amount of relief with the help of teeth whitening Sydney.

Let us look at the best teeth whitening in Sydney as well as its cost.

SDI PolaOffice+

The teeth whitening product we use is PolaOffice + from SDI which is 100% Australian made. At Sydney CBD Dentistry we decided to use SDI teeth whitening system with blue light activation instead of laser teeth whitening.

As recent researchers have found that laser teeth whitening can cause excessive teeth dehydration and as an outcome can cause hypersensitivity to your teeth. While the blue light system can achieve the same result without excessive dehydration and pain.

Zoom Teeth Whitening

When looking for the best teeth whitening in Sydney, people often look at the time it takes to complete and its visible results. Normal teeth whitening in Sydney often takes a few sessions or visits before its effects come into fruition.

For those who don’t have the time and pleasantries to spend can opt to have zoom teeth whitening in Sydney instead.We are the best dentistry in Sydney especially for teeth whitening.

Zoom teeth whitening is a teeth-bleaching procedure that is performed in a dentist’s office. It takes less than an hour for them to complete and produces visible results right after the treatment.

Best Teeth Whitening Sydney with Most Affordable Price

At Sydney CBD Dentistry we offer the best teeth whitening Sydney with the most affordable price. Our trained and experienced dentists and oral health therapists are all qualified in treating professional teeth whitening. Where they are able to advise you if your teeth are suitable for teeth whitening and if a scale and clean is needed prior to your teeth whitening service. Our dental clinician prides themselves on providing quality, care and awareness of all services.

Teeth Whitening Cost in Sydney CBD Dentistry

At Sydney CBD Dentistry the price for our professional in-chair teeth whitening is $449 whilst our take home teeth whitening is only $349. Our dental clinicians though do recommend a scale and clean to remove all your stain and tartar to achieve optimal results before your teeth whitening service. If you opt to include a take home whitening kit with your in-chair teeth whitening, then only add an extra $100 to maintain and upkeep the whitening procedure at home.

Zoom Teeth Whitening Price in Sydney

Zoom teeth whitening is more on the expensive side however when compared to the normal cost of teeth whitening procedure. Clients can expect Zoom teeth whitening in Sydney to cost from $600 to $1,000 depending on the provider.

Another thing to note is that the cost of teeth whitening may not be deducted by dental insurance due to the fact that this falls under the category of cosmetic procedure.

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06 Apr, 2022

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