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When you have a broken, decayed or damaged tooth the dentist will usually try to fix your natural tooth with fillings, crowns, root canal therapy or other dental procedure. However, if the damage is too much to be repaired, the only option is to have your tooth to be extracted.

Tooth Extraction Cost in Sydney

Tooth removal in Sydney cost around $300 to $350 for simple extraction and can go up to $400 to $500 for surgical and more complex tooth removal.

Tooth Removal Cost at Sydney CBD Dentistry

At Sydney CBD Dentistry, tooth extraction costs $230 for a simple extraction whilst $350 to $450 for a surgical extraction such as wisdom teeth removal.

After the extraction, your dentist will provide you a guideline of what to do and what not to do after the procedure.

You might experience a slight discomfort, pain, soreness and even s slight swollen gums after the extraction. Tooth extraction aftercare may vary from person to person.

The location and the type of extraction can also be a factor of having a different healing time. If you properly follow your dentist’s guideline it would usually take 7 to 10 days for the tooth extraction healing time.

Majority of the time tooth extraction does not have any complications. However, if you did not follow your dentist’s precautions, chances are you might experience a complication after your tooth removal surgery.

So what are the risks of tooth extraction? Here are some risk and complications that might occur after your tooth extraction.tooth removal in sydney

Constant Pain and Continuous Bleeding – pain and bleeding is normal after your tooth get extracted. However, if the pain is gradually increasing after a couple of days and the bleeding does not stop after 2 days, it is considered not normal and may require a visit to your dentist to know what is causing this issue.

Dry Socket – excessive pain after tooth extraction may caused by having dry socket. If you have this, you may also experience bad odour and bad taste in your mouth.

Infection and Swelling – since our mouth is full of bacteria and food particles, there is a big chance that it will go to the socket. Your dentist will prescribe antibiotics if this occurs.

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