Teeth Whitening Cost

A lot of factor makes our teeth discolour, however discoloured teeth doesn’t mean that they are unhealthy. Others have perfectly pearly white teeth but it does have cavities and infections.

Teeth whitening is a procedure chosen by some patients who think they need to have their teeth whitened due to stains. It is also an effective way to have their teeth return to its natural colour in a non-invasive way.

In Sydney, teeth whitening cost around $250 up to $550 and it still depends if you want your teeth whitening treatment done by a dentist or a hygienist. Since a hygienist is responsible for the preventive stage or maintenance, they can explain the advantages of teeth whitening options to the patient and can explain the effectiveness.

A dental hygienist can only perform a teeth whitening if it’s prescribed and supervised by a dentist. They should be in the practice as well as it could be illegal if there is no professional present and could make the patients’ health at risk.

Patients are willing to pay a lot to have their teeth whitened to give them a brighter smile but the price also depends on where the patient lives. Sydney teeth whitening cost has a price of about $300 to $500 and it depends on which type of whitening you prefer, we have take-home teeth whitening or in chair teeth whitening that can be done by a hygienist or a dentist.

Another add-on is that you have to pay extra for additional teeth cleaning which is required before the teeth whitening treatment.

Other dental practices offers cheaper teeth whitening in Sydney as they have special offers such as when you bring a friend, or group booking of 2 people for teeth whitening then a discounted price will be given. Also, if you referred someone to have their teeth whitened on the same dental practice you had then a discounted teeth whitening Sydney price will be offered.

teeth whitening cost in SydneySome dentists and hygienist will advise you to also maintain your teeth whitening every 6-12 months but still it depends on your food intake, drinks and whether you are a smoker. They also offer take-home teeth whitening kit to let you maintain a brighter and whiter smile.

This procedure is becoming more popular as it shows excellent results giving the patients more confidence. The dental professionals must provide with all the step by step process so the patient will be aware of what they will have to go through or give the patients a treatment plan to better understand the teeth whitening procedure as well as letting them know if they are a good candidate in getting teeth whitening.

Most treatment lasts for about 90 minutes and you can see the optimal result in just one visit.

Starting from the preparation where the dentist will apply moisturiser on your mouth, retractors and application of gauze. The next step will be the application of the hydrogen peroxide gel which could take for up to 60 minutes. Last step is where the gel will be removed wherein you can now see the optimal result of your whitened teeth.




Teeth Whitening Cost