Sydney Harbour Bridge in The Rocks

Sydney Harbour Bridge was completed in 1932. The bridge is one of the first links for North Shore and the Sydney Central Business District.

Also nicknamed The Coathanger because of its distinguished arch shaped design, it has been an iconic and a famous tourist destination that carries rail, vehicles and pedestrians.

The Southern end is located at Dawes Point in The Rocks and also the starting point for the famous bridge climb. While the northern end is at Milsons point in the lower North Shore. The Rocks dentist, Sydney CBD Dentistry is glad to be located around this area where a lot of tourist landmarks are.

The British firm Dorman Long of Middlesbrough are the designer and constructor for the bridge. The original proposed design was a cantilever bridge, but after World War I the design was revised and the arch bridge was chosen.

The decision of going with the arch instead of cantilever design was simply cheaper and a stronger outcome. The bridge uses two 28 panel arch trusses to form the prominent arch. The trusses vary from 18m to 57m with the arch span of 504m and it’s summit of 134m above sea level.

Dentist Near The RocksThe abutment towers were the first part of the bridge construction and it is the foundation and support for the arch.

The second stage for Sydney Harbour Bridge was the arch itself, which was to be built at the same time on either end and meet in the centre. It was very important to get this correct and aligned properly, in order to achieve this the Southern side of the bridge was to be built a little ahead of time.

This was to detect any errors, so that the Northern side could realign it’s position. The two halves met on 19th August 1930 which became self supporting without any supporting cables. Then the construction of the roadway and other parts were to be built from the centre out.

The last stage of the bridge was the pylons that were built on top of the abutment towers. They do not serve any functional or supportive purpose to the bridge but frames and holds the bridge aesthetic together.

Being in this area will definitely take your breath away as you marvel through the beautiful structures built. Sydney Opera House is also nearby so as other tourist spots. The Rocks is actually an area where a lot of landmarks or tourist spots are available so it will be quite a journey touring around the area.

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