History of Sydney

The First Fleet

The First Fleet led by Captain Arthur Phillip settled into Sydney in 1788. He went to colonial Australia by trying to reform the Aboriginal people and disciplining the convict. This was a challenge as they had a shortage of skill workers and food. The Second and Third Fleet made an improvement and instead of living in wooden huts the convict started to make bricks.

Gold Rush

Around 1840 Chinese immigrants started to come to Australia since convict transportation had ended and more laborious jobs were available, it was seen as the perfect solution for labour shortage. However as the gold rush spiked and the tireless Chinese worked away, racial intolerance grew and they were seen as threats. The White Australia policy took place in 1861 to reduce the influx of Chinese and it was only until 1973 when The White Australia policy was lifted. During the economic growth from the gold rush and increase in population a demand of infrastructure and transports was massively improved.

Stolen Generation and Aftermaths of the Wars

From 1910 to 1960 a Cultural Assimilation policy was introduced to forcibly remove children from families and educated them in the ways of white society and Christianity. This caused the untold stress and damages to the aboriginal community. It was not until 2008 after a change of federal Government Labour Prime Minister Kevin Rudd apologised for this historical systematic ill treatment of the Aboriginal people.We have the best cosmetic dentist in Sydney

Meanwhile in the 1920s, the economy thrived until the Great Depression which quickly recovered in 1932. The price of wool rose and revived the manufacturers. While in the same year Sydney Harbour Bridge opened paving the way for the building industry to gain momentum of developing the northern suburbs.

After World War II with the post war immigration program, Australia had appealed more to European migrants. As a result Sydney gained new growth and prosperity and the explosion of population meant Sydney borders spread West. Skyscrapers sprung up due to the economic boom in the 1980s. It was not until 1989 there was an economic bust which reinvigorated again with the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. Sydney dentist, Sydney CBD Dentistry is very proud to belong in this area where its rich history contributed to the success of Sydney and Australia as a whole.

To get to know more about the history, museum of Sydney is the top spot where you can learn more of its rich history and be amazed on how Sydney became what it is today.

History of Sydney