The Calyx in Royal Botanic Gardens

In the heart of the Royal Botanic Gardens, a sculpture-like building depicted like a flower lies The Calyx. This building designed by PTW architects and landscape architecture McGregor Coxall showcases the definition of the word calyx as a building form. Sydney CBD Dentistry, one of the best dentists in Royal Botanic Gardens is happy to be located near this gorgeous area.

The word calyx in botany term is the protective layer that encloses the flower petal and bud. The Calyx building represents that beautifully with it’s striking circular geometry that almost looks organic and enveloping the small oasis island within.

As you approach the fragile and light looking building. The clear white lines start to contrast the beautiful Royal Botanic Gardens lush green trees and manicured lawn. This contrasting element draws everyone’s attention upon it. While the white steel frames arrayed in a circular motion, continuously to swallow the spectators view into the centre.

Dentist Near Royal Botanic GardensThe circumference of these white arc columns is higher than the centre where it dips inwards. Creating a rotunda and in the centre of it displaying a little botanic oasis. This visual effect of the columns looks light and spacious, while at the same time echoes the term calyx by protecting the internal garden.

Viewing from the inside of The Calyx, the space provides a strong cinematic impression. The columns that make the rotunda act like a filmic frame. Visually framing and slicing up the Royal Botanic Garden like the early movie cameras.

These frame by frame view points, starts to give you a sense of motion. As you can pace yourself round and around the white column you can experience your own space and rhythm.

The building is very cleverly designed to seamlessly celebrate both gardens by shifting the viewers focal point. By using the individual’s visual and movement your attention can be shifted from seeing the protective internal garden to the surrounding garden in Royal Botanic Gardens.

Walking along the beautiful garden, you’ll reach Mrs Macquarie’s Chair in around 17 minutes which is also located within Royal Botanic Gardens. It might seem a long way towards there but the beautiful gardens you’ll see along the way will take away all that tiredness and you will just appreciate the beauty that was given to us.

Royal Botanic Gardens