Sydney Aquarium in Darling Harbour

Sydney Aquarium otherwise known as Sealife is located on the pier and platform of Darling Harbour. It is the home for over 600 species of fish and themed zones to help educate us what lies underneath the surface of our sea. Ranging from penguins, dugong and sharks it has interactive experience to learn more about the animals and their ocean from. We feel glad that we are located close in the area to assist in any dental emergencies and have been considered as the best dentist in Darling Harbour.

A new theme in the exhibition is the Day and Night on the Reef, taking advantage of the new state of art technology. This exhibition showcases the Great Barrier Reef transiting from day to night. This is the first unique and largest exhibit on the Great Barrier Reef, where you can experience the glowing coral caves, walk through swarms of jellyfish and sea turtles.

Dentist Near Darling HarbourDugong Island is the residence of one dugong named Pig. Legend has said that these beautiful creatures were originally mistaken as mermaids by the European sailors when arriving into Australia’s water. The name dugong in Malay means “lady of the sea” and was mistaken by seductive fish-tail females due to the long journey at sea. Interestingly enough the closest connection with the dugongs is elephants and not with any other sea animals.

The Shark Valley exhibit is a favourite amongst everyone. It gives you a safe yet up close experience with the predators of the seas. There are four species of sharks in Darling Harbour’s aquarium from the grey nurse shark, wobbegong shark to the whitetip reef and blacktip reef sharks. They all share this large aquarium and even offer an experience to dive with them.

For a more hands on experience, the Discovery Rockpool is a great interactive exhibit for all ages. Here you get to discover the ocean with your tactile senses, by feeling and touching the soft corals, slippery shark eggs and slimy starfish.

Sydney Aquarium is actually next to Sydney Wildlife Zoo so it’s recommended to visit the latter whilst in the area to double the fun.

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